First stop: Switzerland!

I am writing this from Boston Logan International Airport, where I will be taking off soon! Naturally, I wanted to get here early in case I had trouble with overpacked bags–which of course I did. After a little suitcase shuffling between my 50 lb. checked bag and my 17.6 lb carry on, Mom and I made it through! We had a quick little dinner then she saw me off to security. As I waved goodbye from afar, I remembered to not smile so much and be a smart traveler; calm, collected, and faking it ’til I start making it. My backpack was taken aside to search through security, but I still just arrived at the gate with just 2.5 hours to spare! 😎

The first stop on my journey is to see Lea, one of my best friends from my freshman year at Drexel. She is in her home country Switzerland for the holiday season, so I will be able to have a warm welcome of friendly faces during my first steps of Europe. She graciously said I could come visit her for a few days before I leave for Aix on Friday, January 6th, 2017. Tonight I am flying from Boston –> Zurich overnight then will take the train to her house tomorrow in Locarno, a Swiss city in the south near the Italian border.


Lea and I in 2013–when we were twins with bleach blonde hair. Her beautiful strands are real. Mine not so much.


Not a lifeguard flag. Was apparently getting ready for future adventures in Switzerland!

I’m excited that I’ll have the chance to adjust to Europe with some comfortable tour guides before I have to do it solo!

Sam asked me what I am most excited for and scared for during my time abroad. I am most excited to be able to practice my French and see all of the beautiful European history I have only seen in pictures. I am most nervous about the different stops of traveling and flying, feeling unsettled in such a foreign place, and the reverse culture shock that I anticipate among my return 🙂

See you on the other side!

Bises xx


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