One week countdown

Here we go, my first post! I cannot believe this is actually and finally happening–in just 7 days, on New Year’s Day, I will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Ahh!

My program in France lasts from January 6th to May 6th, 2017, and is filled with a few excursions and breaks sprinkled in between. We have a weekend in Paris, a day trip to Marseille, and a week off in both February and April. I fly home the last week in May, so in addition to my weekend travel during the semester, I will have three full weeks afterwards to visit some places I missed and/or friends who are also studying abroad.

The past few days have been gearing me up for France–at the Fallon’s annual Christmas Eve party, I enjoyed a slice (maybe two) of the Bûche de Noël, or traditional Christmas Yule log dessert. In my middle school French class we used to have a competition for who could make the most beautiful and tasty Bûche, so it brings back a ton of memories of my younger days learning French culture and traditions.


Me awkwardly posing next to a French dessert.


Making Matt Fallon take a picture with a French dessert.

Sam and Matt F. also gave me a National Geographic traveler book on Provence and the Côte d’Azur for Christmas this morning. Flipping through the various sections on museums, restaurants, and shopping got me even more excited to go.


Confirmation that the lavender is legit.

Anyway, my passport recently arrived with my French Visa pasted in, so logistics-wise I am all set! Phew. The hardest part for me recently has been deciding what to pack. I am notoriously known for overpacking and my disorganization of clothes and belongings, so one of my goals for this experience is to simplify–dare I say become a minimalist. Wish me luck.

Bises! xx


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